About Danny

Seasoned. Experienced. A bit grizzled, perhaps. Danny Coleman is an engaging veteran musician who sings with the plaintive growl of a weathered explorer of life. Characters in his songs seek answers to deep questions and make wry observations about where they find themselves.

Danny grew up in Denver, Colorado--the son of immigrants from England. His youth was (mis)spent playing in bar bands throughout the southwestern U.S. In the mid-1980's Danny found himself in a band with a talented pianist/singer/songwriter named Carla and the two have been making music together ever since, as husband and wife. The Coleman's relocated to Seattle and raised their son, who played drums along with them but eventually went off to college and became a physicist.  

Various musical projects came and went over the years. Danny earned a Masters degree in religious studies from a Quaker seminary and authored a book on Christian and Buddhist contemplative spirituality.

In recent years Danny has been stepping out more as a solo performer, as well as playing in a duo with Carla, and in various band settings. Musically, his songs reflect his "classic rock" and Americana musical roots, with lyrics that subtly touch upon spirituality and the human condition. The narrator in 'Keep the Coffee Coming, Doris' wrestles with existential angst while trying to order from the menu in an all night diner. 'South Central' is a travelogue of observations made while driving across Indiana ("Driving down the old highway, from before the interstate was built. Small towns and open space, fields laid out just like a patchwork quilt."), while 'After the Smoke Clears' ruminates upon the Buddhist concept of samsara as seen through the struggles of a relationship ("Baby, everything comes at a cost. You want to be found, but maybe you ain't lost. All that you need is right here, after the smoke clears.").  The rockabilly '13 Jesuses' enumerates the various (and often contradictory) ways that Christ is portrayed in contemporary culture ("The first one says that I should be rich, the second one says 'give it all away.' Number three blesses all the makers of peace, the fourth wants to kill my enemies."), while in 'Since I've Been Home' a traveling bluesman recounts the places he's been and the life he's led, and wonders aloud about his ambivalance to return home from the road ("I've been wise, and I've been dumb. Felt so alive, and felt so numb. Soared with the eagles, and floated with the scum. If I had to choose, I ain't sure which one. Maybe that's why it's been so long since I've been home.").

Danny has been busy rehearsing a new Americana band with Carla, sitting in with other groups, recording, and playing solo shows. He can be reached for bookings or general inquiries at dannyc@pobox.com